Tires and Rims at Auto Tire & Safeties

Our shop offers a full-service tire service center. Your tires need continual maintenance, especially if you commute or travel long distances a lot. Our tire technicians can help with tire blowout, air leaks, replacement, updating to higher quality tires, and general repair for the normal wear and tear. Tire maintenance includes tire inflation, tire balance, tire rotation, tire replacement, and repairing a flat. If done correctly, regular tire maintenance can improve gas mileage and overall driving performance. If needed, we will help you pick new tires that fit your driving style, vehicle specifications, and your budget.

When we do tire maintenance and repair, we also generally do computerized wheel alignment, suspension, and look for any brake problems. Several parts of your vehicle work together to move your car along and to neglect one part, could cause a safety hazard. Wheel alignment or tracking is adjustment of the angles of the wheels so that they are set to the car maker’s specifications. If your car constantly seems to pull to one side, this might be a sign you need some repairs. Call Auto Tire & Safeties in Oshawa, ON to learn more about our auto services.


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