Air Conditioning Repair at Auto Tire & Safeties

Aside from safety, Auto Tire & Safeties is also concerned with your comfort. In those warm months in Oshawa, you are going to want to find yourself needing a car air conditioning repair. Even if your air conditioner is functioning, you may still want to get it looked at. You will want to eliminate any bacteria, spores, fungi, mildew, grime and foul odors.

Through leak tests and pressure readings, our automotive electrical and mechanical technicians will help you diagnose the problem and figure out what auto repair is needed. Repair may be done by proper refrigerant recovery through evacuation, fill, and recharge, bringing a mechanically sound system back to original performance. It may require inspection and adjustment of drive belt tension.

Your car AC is part of a bigger climate control system which includes your heater and defroster. In order to heat up the inside of your car, the heating system uses some of the excess heat produced from your engine. The engine produces so much heat that if you didn't have a way to release it (the heating/cooling system in your car) it could harm and even destroy the engine! Fixing this system is definitely not a task you want to try to take on yourself, as an engine repair need could become an engine replacement need. Call Auto Tire & Safeties in Oshawa, ON to learn more about our auto services.


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